Famous Elton John’s Heart Shaped Glasses Stolen!

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Famous Elton John’s Heart Shaped Glasses Stolen!

The Rock n’ Roll star, Elton John has one of the most distinct fashion style. From the very beginning of his career, Sir Elton John knew that if he wishes to stick at the piano for two hours, he has to have something that will make people look at him apart from possessing extraordinary piano skills. So, he decided to dress more on the humorous side.

Elton John started to wear odd dresses and his fans loved him for that. People started to recognize him from his songs and by the clothes and accessories he wore, but, on Tuesday night, Elton John’s famous heart shaped eyeglasses got stolen from the Rock n’ Soul Museum in Memphis, Tennessee and it saddened all of his fans around the world.

According to the police, the display case that was holding the glasses do not appear damaged and so there are chances that the thief might have used special tools to break in the case. The officials told the media that they are hoping that the CCTV footage and the fingerprints may help them grab the thief who stole singer Elton John’s signature look glasses.

The Rock n’ Soul museum was inaugurated in the year 2000 and in the past 15 years, this is the first case of stealing. Elton John’s glasses were a loan from a private owner and they were insured for over $2000. As we all know that in the state of Tennessee, crimes are not taken lightly, so if the officials get hold of the culprit, then he or she may have to face up to 12 year in jail over felony charges.

The museum has more than 30 instruments and many of the musical treasures that includes Bill Clinton’s signed guitar and many other historic musical instruments.

Elton John’s sense of style is wacky and bizarre and to match his eccentric attires, his fans love his choices, especially his flamboyant choice of sunglasses.

There is no comment from the singer yet, but we think that by stealing Elton John’s glasses, the thief has made the signature glasses more famous!

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Elton John


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