The Famous Gorilla Koko Adopts Cute Kittens On Her 44th Birthday: Sequel to ‘Koko’s Kitten’ Considered?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
The Famous Gorilla Koko Adopts Cute Kittens On Her 44th Birthday: Sequel to ‘Koko’s Kitten’ Considered?

The popular gorilla Koko received a special gift – a box full of kittens on her 44th birthday. She reportedly adopted two kittens. Read on to more interesting details.

Koko became popular for having learned several hand signs from a modified version of American Sign Language (ASL), based on Wikipedia entry. The female western lowland gorilla has also met well-known actors like Robin Williams.

“Koko and her kitten are featured in the 1986 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records,” based on reports from The Gorilla Foundation.

According to E! Online, Koko has been on the cover of Time magazine. She does not have children, and loves baby dolls and cats. Her maintainers know very well about her maternal feeling.

The gorilla turned 44 years old in July. The Gorilla Foundation made a decision to set up a kitten adoption for her. The gift she received on her birthday was something special to her. It was a box full of adorable furry kittens.

It was an amazing sight when Koko responded well as soon as she saw the gifted kittens. Incredible! The female gorilla fell in love with Ms. Gray, one of the kittens. Meanwhile, another kitten named Ms. Black fell in love with her.

Koko’s maternal and play instincts kicked in. She immediately stroked the cute little kittens and signed the word “baby” to her trainers. Thanks to the sign language she has mastered. Indeed, she is signing more to her caretakers every day, surprising The Gorilla Foundation of her compassion and maternal feeling.

Koko allegedly adopted the kittens and gained publicity. The lovely mom Koko and her two little baby kittens became a happy family.

The source also reported that even though Koko loves to have children, her trainers’ every attempt to mate her with other gorillas proves to be unsuccessful.

The Gorilla Foundation is planning to make a multimedia sequel to the bestselling classic book called “Koko’s Kitten” that was written by the gorilla’s trainer Francine Patterson. The sequel would feature Koko’s new baby kittens.

The video footage of the wonderful scenes of Koko and the kittens was taken on July 4, 2015, on her birthday while she was gifted with the kittens. Watch Koko and her new kittens in the video given below:

[jwplayer mediaid=”107791″]

Photo Source: Facebook/ Koko


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