Fans Believe MTV is Ageist and Racist For Snubbing Madonna and Nicki Minaj

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Fans Believe MTV is Ageist and Racist For Snubbing Madonna and Nicki Minaj

Recently MTV VMA Nominations 2015 were announced and surprisingly Madonna and Nicki Minaj were left out of the nominations. Madonna who submitted her video “B**** I’m Madonna” has garnered millions of views, (66 million till now) and yet was not included. It applies to Nicki Minaj as well who despite receiving nominations for “Anaconda” was ignored completely. Fans of the singers have not taken well to this issue.

According to Inquisitr, fans of both Madonna and Nicki Minaj have taken to to start a petition about the same. In the petition where fans seem to be a bit angry have even accused MTV of being ageist and racist. Ageist because they believe Madonna was snubbed because of her age and Nicki because of her race. Seems a bit unbelievable but people strongly believe this is the case. According to the petition, fans want MTV to add both the singers’ nominations under the “Best Video” category. Many fans believe that this year around, MTV has messed up by not involving Madonna and Nicki Minaj’s videos and that they should include them. Comments from some of the fans who have signed the petition mention that had Madonna not broken the boundaries, MTV would not have been possible. This comment also mentions that Madonna’s video deserves to be nominated for every other category as well. One other comment mentions that the discrimination against Madonna and Nicki Minaj needs to stop immediately.

Even though Madonna has not responded to the issue, Nicki Minaj was furious about it.  Her comments received a lot of backlash on Twitter. Some even mentioned that the reason she has been snubbed is because she is simply awful. One tweet also compared her video to an awful porno that has an awful music in the background. It remains to be seen if the petition proves to be any useful and whether it make MTV ponder on their decision or not.

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