Fans React on the Possibility of Bella Thorne and Ross Lynch Now Dating

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Fans React on the Possibility of Bella Thorne and Ross Lynch Now Dating
Actress Bella Thorne at the “Divergent” film premiere in Westwood, CA on March 18, 2014

When we’re talking about celebrity friends of different genders, you can be sure that there’s always someone hoping to see them get together as a couple someday. Take for example, Bella Thorne and Ross Lynch who got romantically linked because of a photo.

According to Hollywood Life, Thorne and some friends were spotted hanging out with Ross Lynch and his family in a pool party held in his place oOn Sunday, Mar. 15, 2015. And as you’d expect in a fun party, the celebrity guests posted loads of photos about the event. But there was one photo that made quite an impact among fans.

Thorne posted a photo of her, with some green face paint on her cheeks, and a shirtless Lynch standing close to each other. Alongside this is a photo of her and her good friend Sklyer Shaye who also has on some face paint. Thorne then captioned this with, “Pool parties, water gun fights, face painting, slip and slide….this is what Ross is made of”. Shaye also posted the same photo of her and Thorne, giving credit on Lynch for putting on the face paint for them.

Even though the photo shows years of friendship between Thorne and Lynch, one can never be too sure of their real relationship nowadays so fans took to Twitter to ask around for news of a possible new celebrity couple. Hollywood Life also reported that some fans have even already made up a couple name for them: BOSS.

But unfortunately for the hopeful fans, Thorne is still going strong with her non-celebrity boyfriend Tristan Klier, who apparently still cannot keep up with her celebrity work. In a recent interview for Teen Vogue, as cited by Just Jared Jr., Thorne says that there are some perks for dating a non-celebrity guy. Although she added that Klier doesn’t understand her job much, like one time she mentioned when he told her, “What do you mean you’re still on set? It’s six o’clock in the morning.”

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Mingle Media TV


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