Fantastic Four: Actors Who Can Form The Team If The Movie Is Rebooted Again

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Fantastic Four: Actors Who Can Form The Team If The Movie Is Rebooted Again
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Fantastic Four is often referred to as Marvel’s first family. With the four members possessing unique powers, they truly become a strong unit. The movie’s reboot proved to be a major disaster as it was panned everywhere.

So following the failure of the movie, if its rights were to go back to Marvel and if it were to be made again, could MCU cast a better team and make it work? Since MCU is known for its successful projects, if they are able to acquire the rights and re-cast the team, here is who could form the team again.

John Krasinski as Reed Richards

John auditioned for Captain America but unfortunately did not get it. However Reed Richards is a role that could suit him perfectly. He has the looks of a nerd and qualities of a superhero that make him perfect.

So before getting powers if John acts like a spectacle wearing nerd, he can also play the leader of the Fantastic Four as they battle popular nemesis like Doctor Doom or Galactus.

Carey Mulligan as Sue Storm

Movie Pilot put Carey as the top choice for the role of Sue Storm. According to the outlet, she has the looks to play sweet, strong and a smart character at the same time. If cast she would be pivotal to the movie and prove just why Sue is considered one of the most powerful female superheroes ever.

Mark Wahlberg as Ben Grimm

Mark Wahlberg has many successful roles to his name. He can play a tough character and post motion-capture he will make a fantastic Ben Grimm. Also his and Reed’s friendship would be a highlight of the movie and how the former has always been protective of Reed.

With Mark added to the cast, it would also lend some star power to the movie, which is in desperate need of revival.

Zac Efron as Johnny Storm

Putting Zac’s name for the role of Johnny, the outlet considers the actor perfect for the role. Zac can play the role well because Johnny is cocky, funny and sometimes arrogant.

Him behaving immaturely and the rest of the members trying to put him in check will be worth watching.

As far as villain of the movie is concerned, Doctor Doom is the only villain that the team should fight. Considering the supervillain is an important part of the story of Fantastic Four, there is no other villain that can appear in the movie.

Fox’s Fantastic Four has a sequel lined up, which will star the same team seen before.


Photo source: YouTube/VariantComics

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