‘Fantastic Four’: Conceptual Artist Releases Amazing Concept Art From Film

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Fantastic Four’: Conceptual Artist Releases Amazing Concept Art From Film

Even though Josh Trank’s “Fantastic Four” bombed miserably at the box office, the concept art that was released recently proves that the movie could have been a lot better if not for some circumstances that have been reported. The concept art of the Thing, Sue Storm and the team’s ride (not included in the movie) look incredibly good and gives an idea that while planning it was a good idea.


According to Movie Pilot, conceptual artist Zachary Berger who worked on these designs released a set of new images of his designs and it looks so good that “Fantastic Four” must have been well thought of before it turned into a box office disaster. The images aren’t too far away from the final product but what is amazing is that they reveal quite a lot. For instance The Thing’s sketch shows him transforming from a giant piece of rock to the huge indestructible hero that we know. His eyes look a bit pale and in the sketch too he can be seen without his iconic blue shorts. This means the makers always intended to make Ben Grimm roam around without any clothes on. At least with the designs one should be assured that the makers managed to achieve the exact size that The Thing is known to have. Previous version didn’t look that tall and in turn didn’t really make him stand out in the team like the one that we’ve seen in this year’s movie. In the Sue Storm’s design, the sketches reveal she was intended to look just like a normal woman with superpowers. Quite honestly anyone would have loved the simple approach as opposed to what really happened with the character. Perhaps that is the reason why even Kate Mara who played the role of Invisible Woman joked quite a lot whenever she was asked about the movie.

However surprisingly there was this one thing that never really made it into the movie. The team’s automobile, which really could have been used by at least Reed Richards and Sue Storm because Johnny can fly and the Thing might not just fit into the car. Despite all of this Fox’s priority in their scheduled releases remains to be “Fantastic Four 2,” which will release in 2017.


Comicbook.com added that the Fantasticar as it is known as was seen in the B-roll footage apart from the alternate versions that were seen in the concept art. As believed the studio will have to give some kind of creative liberty to the director and the team so that they can at least bring forward a decent version of the First family. Many elements were left out from the first one; hope the second one will do some good.

Photo source: Facebook/Fantastic Four


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