‘Fantastic Four’ Producer Reveals Reason For The Low Box Office Numbers? Says “Hard Movie To Make!”

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Fantastic Four’ Producer Reveals Reason For The Low Box Office Numbers? Says “Hard Movie To Make!”
Fantastic Four

Screenwriter and executive producer Simon Kinberg is not blaming the director or the cast of the “Fantastic Four” for its poor run on the box office, but he told the press that the movie was a difficult experience for him. “It was a hard movie to make.” However, he also claims that there is no direct correlation between the process of making and the product, and he didn’t expect the movie to do as badly as it did at the box office.

Simon Kinberg has not yet analyzed why “Fantastic Four” did not work. He admits to have worked on difficult projects before and knows that some movies fail no matter what. “I haven’t really done a full diagnosis,” he declared to the press admitting that this movie was a hard one to make.

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He also admitted to making hard movies that worked at the box office and easy ones that failed. He went on to imply that the process of creation may or may not be painful and doesn’t always yield rewards. He admitted to the fact that the cast could have been pushed to make a great Fantastic Four movie, but this wasn’t a bad product either.

There were so many elements that needed to come together for the movie and any one might have been the cause of failure. Movies, Kinberg said, are often collaborations of strangers and there are no guarantees that the movie will succeed in making its mark at the box office. “I haven’t had a lot of time to decompress. I’m obviously disappointed with the way it turned out,” Kinberg added.

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Kinberg, while talking to the Hollywood reporter, admitted to having jumped into the “X-Men” project in a hurry after “Fantastic Four” was completed. This gave him no time to analyze the product’s failure, he told the press.

Simon Kinberg remembered that he had a similarly difficult time when he was filming Mr. and Mrs Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but the film had turned out to be okay. He declared that he needed to further analyze the results.

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