‘Fantastic Four’ Sequel Quietly Put Off From Fox’s Releasing Schedule List?

By SURABHI VERMA | 2 years ago
‘Fantastic Four’ Sequel Quietly Put Off From Fox’s Releasing Schedule List?

It has been recently reported that Fox has officially removed “Fantastic Four” sequel from their releasing schedule, which directly means that the film has been cancelled for an indefinite period or it may not come ever. Read on to get the complete scoop.

Fox may rescheduled the movie after a few month but till then anticipation will be on amongst the fans of “Fantastic Four.” It had earlier been notified that the movie is likely to be moving forward but nothing like that actually happened. The movie has been rescheduled for release in June 2017.


The entire process of pulling the film from the schedule has been done very quietly, according to Simon Kinberg. “Fantastic Four” has gathered huge acknowledgement through its story-line in which every supernatural formula was applied. The film is based on the superhero team of Marvel Comics.

It is known that the “Fantastic Four” movie this year failed to make even half of the grossing when compared to the other “Fantastic Four” movies. It failed to attract audience and was able to make only $56 million domestically and $167 million worldwide. The film had a production budget of 120 million dollars.

As of now, there is no clue related to the next release date of the sequel, however, the production team believes that the sequel will lose a major amount of money rather than gaining anything. It is definite that a big Hollywood studio will surely not like to experience something as bad as that. So this has been the latest we hear about the movie until further is announced maybe till 2018. Meanwhile, it has been noticed that both the director and the studio have been blaming each other for Fantastic Four’s bad response.

Photo source: Facebook/Fantastic Four

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