‘Fantastic Four’ Writer-Producer Defends the Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Fantastic Four’ Writer-Producer Defends the Movie

This Friday, fans will finally be able to see one of the most anticipated superhero movie reboots in recent times. Fans had expressed their own apprehensions when the reboot of “Fantastic Four” was announced with a completely new cast. There were speculations about the movie facing other troubles as well, however writer-producer of the movie Simon Kinberg has come out in full support of it and defended it saying that he is proud of what they are going to show with this movie.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Simon Kinberg admitted that production on the movie did have some challenges but still he believes that this movie was viewed differently when compared to others. According to him it was probably because the director was very young and this was his first time making a very big movie. However the writer-producer mentioned that the movie was made on schedule, well under budget and more importantly their intention of making the film was still intact as they had managed to stay true to what they wanted to show. He also believes that his version of “Fantastic Four” is a more grounded and realistic version and hopes to see the movie become a potential franchise. It was earlier reported that a sequel to the movie is already planned and might explore further angles in the superhero family. Simon Kinberg stated that because of the tone of the book is so tricky; it gets hard for it to be adapted. Deceptively simple is what he likes to call it. Apart from that he was also mighty impressed with the cast and expressed his desire to work with them on more projects in the future.

In hopes of further exploring the world we live in, a couple of genius minds set out to explore other worlds present in the universe. With the genius of Reed Richards, the team builds a teleportation device that takes them to a parallel dimension and that’s where they get their powers. Calling themselves the Fantastic Four, they will be pit against a former ally who has the ambition of destroying the world and further settling his own. The movie releases this Friday on Aug 7th.

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