Farrah Abraham Plans to Have Butt Implants Despite Botched Lip Implant

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Farrah Abraham Plans to Have Butt Implants Despite Botched Lip Implant
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Some people may think that one or two close encounters is enough to teach them a lesson, but Farrah Abraham still wants to take one more shot of getting under the knife for the pursuit of beauty. Read on to learn more about it.

Farrah Abraham made the latest news in plastic surgery failures when her lip implant procedure got her an allergic reaction that made her lips swell. She posted about it on Twitter. On Monday, Jan. 26, in an interview on the TV show “The Doctors.” Abraham gave further details on the story of her botched lip implant surgery.

Being no strange to plastic surgeries, E! Online reported that Abraham did her research on the doctor and the procedure she was about to take. But when the anesthesia was being placed, she had an allergic reaction and felt her lips swell up until she could see it well enough while lying down.

“Then, [the doctor’s] like, ‘Wow, this is really swelling up. I don’t think I can even get the lip implant in there.’ It was definitely like, ‘What did you just do to my lip? You’re ruining my face.’ And that’s when he suggested the ER. Things were getting fuzzy and I just remember waking up in a hospital bed.” Abraham said in the E! Online article.

Abraham was given a steroid and antibiotic for the swelling and still feels numb and pained. Nevertheless, she was very grateful to get out of the experience alive.

However, the experience apparently didn’t stop her from wanting to take some butt implants. Her latest procedure did the job in convincing Abraham to do more research, and she admitted that she’s still pretty much in the research phase of having butt implants to avoid more problems.

Prior to her recent surgery, Abraham had undergone multiple plastic surgeries, including a chin implant, a rhinoplasty, cheek fillers, lip injections and two breast augmentations. In an interview with Huffington Post last May 2014, Abraham reveals that she would spend nearly an entire day just staring at herself in front of a mirror and end up being aggravated by her look to later get surgery.

“… I think there’s nothing wrong with that … because I didn’t mess up my features or my ethnicity or who I am.” Abraham said to Huffington Post.

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