Farrah Abraham’s Latest Photo Hints At Possible Breast Reduction

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 3 years ago
Farrah Abraham’s Latest Photo Hints At Possible Breast Reduction
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Farrah Abraham |

Farrah Abraham, the renowned American TV star, always welcomes controversy in her own terms. Her life and her approach have always something crispy to deliver. She started her journey at the age of 16 as an aspiring model and cheerleader. She had to face single motherhood at the age of only 16 and thus carries a tag of “Teen Mom” to describe her facade. Abraham has been casted for the MTV spin off Series “Teen Mom”, from where she got instant fame.

She is quite active in her world of social media and a recent picture she posted in her twitter account triggered the possibility of breast reduction. It’s wondering that this time the mom of a little girl, does break her silence, though Farrah normally every time opens up about the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone. The participant of “Celebrity Big Brother” has revealed earlier that her breast size has increased to Size C and then to D through repeated cosmetic implants.

Even on the MTV show, she gladly shared her affection for Botox. The sex tycoon never got hesitant to talk about her nose job, lip job, and other surgeries. But this time the question pivots around a possibility of breast reduction, which is something unexpected from her part. Rumors are, that after serial breast enhancement Farrah has begun breast reduction and the concerned picture gives evidence that it goes down a size or two.

She once exclaimed to Radar Online that she would remain supportive if her daughter 6-year-old Sophia wishes to undergo plastic surgery. Abraham is heard saying, “Hey mom, I envision myself like this, I’m not myself. Of course I am going to be supportive and make her feel loved and like herself.”

There is another point to include that it may be the camera angle or the pose or the outfit that makes the size smaller to the eyes. Here is the picture that started all the doubts.

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Photo source: Facebook/Farrah Abraham

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