‘Fashion Police’ Returns to E! With New Co-Host Melissa Rivers

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Fashion Police’ Returns to E! With New Co-Host Melissa Rivers
Photo source: Fashion Police Official Facebook Page

“Fashion Police” is returning on E! The network has taken the show off the bench despite Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin’s exit from the show because they have found the perfect replacement – Melissa Rivers, Joan Rivers’ daughter. Read below for the full scoop:

The show will take on a new format in which two celebrity guests will join Giuliana Rancic, Rivers and Brad Goreski for each episode. “Fashion Police” will return to E! August 31, 2015 covering MTV Video Music Awards.

“Fashion Police’s” concept is to “criticize” celebrity’s clothing and styling in a “fun” way but Rancic took it too far when she commented on Disney actress Zendaya’s dreadlocks and said “smells like patchouli oil” or “weed.” This has gathered a lot of hate comments from critics including Zendaya herself when she commented that Rancic’s comments are “racially insensitive.” However, Rancic apologized but Osbourne left shortly after that and Griffin followed saying that she didn’t want to use her comedy for “body shaming.”

Since Griffin’s departure, the show went in hiatus and got to a point when its fate has been questioned. Alas, it has been revived and it’s not going away real soon because Rivers is on-board and her mother is actually the producer of the show and bother of them are the ones responsible for creating E!’s red carpet coverage.

Well, Rivers is definitely trying to save the show and what her mother has worked hard for. Cheers to that!

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Photo source: Fashion Police Official Facebook Page


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