Fast 8 Special Effects Update: Vin Diesel Scared of Paul Walker’s Presence in the Movie?

By Sangati Jogwar | 2 years ago
Fast 8 Special Effects Update: Vin Diesel Scared of Paul Walker’s Presence in the Movie?
Fast 8 Special Effects Update

Fast 8 is under production and everyone is wondering about the presence of Paul Walker. For Vin Diesel, the man behind the movie, Walker was a great friend and a co-actor. Even then there are certain things about him that worry Diesel, rather they scare him. What is the truth?

Fans are so used to having Walker in all of the seven flicks that it is but natural for them to expect him in the eight installments. And Diesel is well aware of what the fans think. The Brick Mansions actor died in a car accident a couple of years ago.

At the time of his death, Walker was shooting for Fast 7. Diesel completed the remaining part of the movie without Walker but keeping his presence intact with the pixels technology. And for the upcoming Fast 8 too, the production is making use of the same technology to resurrect Walker, reports The Gamer’s Drop.

In the previous movie, the production staff completed the part of Walker’s shooting with his lookalike brother Cody. He played the part of O’ Connor and then they edited his face using the CGI technology so that it resembled completely with Paul.

Diesel Fears Pixels Technology?

Fast 8 hero Vin Diesel recently spoke on the speculations related to the presence of Paul Walker in the upcoming movie. According to the American actor, it is weird that a technology can replace his best friend so easily.  While talking on the issue, the 49-year-old became sentimental about the whole thing. He said that he introduced pixels versus people when he decided to use the technology in Fast 7.

Diesel stated that it rather scares him that they can complete the film without the person’s presence using just the resurrection technology. He wondered how bad it could get. Will he be better off being dead for a corporation? All these thoughts seem to trouble Diesel now.

But the production has ensured that Walker’s Brian O’Connor continues to be the part of Fast 8 despite The Pacifier actor fearing its use.

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