Fast and Furious 8 News: Brian O’Conner’s Absence Torments Dominic Toretto

By Prabhu Prasad | 2 years ago
Fast and Furious 8 News: Brian O’Conner’s Absence Torments Dominic Toretto
Fast and Furious 8

Fast and Furious 8 is merely days away from its initial trailer release. Case in point, fans can see an ailing Dom, unable to get in terms with his brother-in-law’s departure.

Predecessor installment of Fast and Furious 8 saw Paul Walker’s character embarking on a different path. After the actor’s untimely demise, it’s only right that the movie makers gave him a fitting finale.

On the other hand, Brian’s absence is conspicuous in the upcoming movie. At least on Dom’s face, it is!

Fast and Furious 8: Vin Diesel Speaks

Cinema Blend reports Vin Diesel’s verdict on his character’s temperament in the Fast and Furious 8. Turns out, Dom is struggling with the events of the previous installment. Brian is looking to broaden his horizons and takes a different course. Wants to call it quits with the illicit adventures and wants more family time.

Some light moments behind the scenes…

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It was perhaps an intelligent move from the director to see to Brian’s swan song on a spectacular note. Besides, Paul Walker’s death wouldn’t allow the return of his character. Now that his character is in the past, Dom and the gang are gearing up for yet another ride. This time, however, the stakes her higher than ever. Thanks to Charlize Theron!

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Brian O’Conner: The Aftermath

Vin Diesel asserts that the upcoming movie is dark and the agony is evident on Dom’s face. The actor certainly has Brian in his thoughts and the void is overt. Furthermore, Paul Walker’s demise has a role in Diesel’s take on Dominic Toretto. Hence the somber around the character, of course. This doesn’t stop there, however. Brian’s absence does more damage than merely a sad protagonist.

Due to the poignancy in the wake of Brian’s departure, Dom is likely to make questionable decisions too. This might raise a few eyebrows and bring discomfort to his crew. On the contrary, Vin Diesel has high hopes for the movie. Fans will know what he’s talking about when the trailer releases on Dec. 11. New roads ahead!

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