Fast & Furious 8 Dwayne Johnson vs Vin Diesel Feud Continues? The Rock Has No Regrets

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Fast & Furious 8 Dwayne Johnson vs Vin Diesel Feud Continues? The Rock Has No Regrets
Fast & Furious

It looks like tension is still high between the cast of Fast & Furious. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has stated that he is still not sorry for the comments he made about his co-stars.

Unprofessional Candy-A**** Chicken S***

Earlier this year, before he wrapped up his work in Fast 8, Johnson posted a rant about some of his male co-stars. “Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals,” he said, “while others don’t.”

While he did not name who the post was referring to, some speculated that it was about Vin Diesel. According to some publications, the 49-year-old actor can be difficult to work with.

However, in a Facebook Live chat, Diesel, who also produces Fast & Furious films, has nothing but good things to say about Johnson. The GotG star recalled that the role of Hobbes was written for another actor. But, Johnson’s performance was so good that they had to give him the role.

No Regrets

In an interview with LA Times, Johnson said he has no intentions to take back what he said. “I was very clear with what I said,” he commented.

He also said Universal Pictures did some digging. The studio also talked to him about the issue. It was also then that publications caught wind of the situation and it all blew up.

Fast & Furious
Facebook/Fast & Furious

Authenticity In Hollywood

The Rock also talked about how he became the highest paid actor even if he was not the typical make lead. Up until 2008, the year he stopped conforming, he thought leading men looked like George Clooney. So he started covering up his tattoos and hid his wrestling past.

He realized that he does not want to be inauthentic to be cast. This strategy worked well for him. Now, he is set to appear in big-budgeted franchises including Jumanji 2, Moana, Baywatch and Shazam. Meanwhile, Fast & Furious 8 or simply Fast 8 is set to be released on April 14, 2017.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Dwayne The Rock Johnson

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