Fast & Furious 8: Five Things To Know Before You Watch This Film

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
Fast & Furious 8: Five Things To Know Before You Watch This Film
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The most anticipated film, Fate of the Furious also known as Fast & Furious 8 is set to open in US theaters on April 14. Fans are super-excited to watch this film directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Chris Morgan.

The popular Fast & Furious film franchise started in the year 2001. Its primary focus lies in the story of underground street racers. Every film of this franchise has seen the introduction of brand new cars and stunts. Fast & Furious 8 will reveal exciting stunts and character’s plot lines. Check out all the details which fans need to know before they watch the film.

Fast And Furious 8

1. Charlize Theron Features As Main Anti-Hero

Fast & Furious 8 has a female antagonist that will play a major role in the film. She is none other than Atomic Blonde star, Charlize Theron. Theron plays character Cipher, who is the criminal mastermind in the film. So far, the exact role details of Cipher have been kept under wraps. One can learn from the trailers that she is the one who destroys protagonist Dom’s relationship with his family.

Theron has confessed that it was an exciting challenge to play the main villain in the film Fast & Furious 8, reports Reuters. She is far-famed for her acting skills. She has previously won an Academy Award for her role Aileen Wuornos in the movie Monster. There is a possibility that she might receive a critical appreciation for playing Cipher in Fast & Furious 8.

Fast And Furious 8

2. Dom And Letty’s Relationship In Fate Of The Furious

The main theme of Fast & Furious 8 is the threat around Dom and Letty’s family. The first trailer for the film shows Dom (Vin Diesel) wanting to get away from his wife Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) under the influence of criminal mastermind Cipher.

This is not the first time the pair will face a tough time in Fast & Furious 8. Earlier, she was separated from Dom and later reunited in the Fast & Furious 6 film. In this installment, Dom and his gang go to London to get Letty back. The next film, Fast & Furious 7, showed Dom helping Letty get her memories back, reports CarKeys UK.

The romantic chemistry between Dom and Letty is blooming since the inception of the Fast & Furious film franchise. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the new villain who wants to cause a breakup between the couple.

Fast And Furious 8

3. Addition And Absence Of Characters

Fate of the Furious is the first film where fans will miss watching late Paul Walker. He passed away while filming Fast & Furious 7. It has been not revealed yet if there will be a replacement for the character. But a tribute to Walker might be seen in the eighth installment.

Apart from him, Helen Mirren stars in the film, as per aforementioned source. She is possibly playing the mother of Deckard and Owen Shaw. The report also adds that Jason Statham returns to the side of the good guys this time.

4. Editing Made To Fate of the Furious For UK Audience

Fast & Furious 8 releases in UK cinemas on April 10. A recent report from Digital Spy reveals that a slightly different version of Fast & Furious 8 will be screened for the audiences in the UK. This edit has been done at the request of its distributor Universal to get a 12A certificate. The exact difference might be learned after watching the film. Perhaps the alteration is done on some violent scene.

Fast And Furious 8

5. New Cars And Stunts

The Fast & Furious franchise is popular among its fans for its superb and classic display of car racing. The magnificent running machines range from ‘VTEC YO’ Honda S2000 (Fast & Furious, 2001) to R34 (Fast & Furious 2, 2003).

As per aforementioned source, in Fast & Furious 8 fans will get to watch some solid car stunts. Some of the car stunts are already teased in the trailer of the film. The new Dodge Demon and the Lamborghini Gallardo are some of the few cars to be seen in the film.

Meanwhile, the runtime for Fast & Furious 8 has been rumored to be 160 minutes. That means Fate of the Furious might be longer than its previous installment. Hence, fans can expect more thrilling stunts and car chase in the film than the previous one.

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