‘Fast and Furious 8’ To Be Part of A Developing Trilogy

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Fast and Furious 8’ To Be Part of A Developing Trilogy

When “Furious 7” established itself as a major box office success, it was quite evident that a sequel is on its way. As expected, the makers announced a release date for the eighth installment in the franchise that basically shifted from a theme of car racing to espionage. Recent updates from producer Neal Moritz has revealed further information about the upcoming movie.

According to Latinos Post, Neal Moritz was in an interview discussing his adaptation of “Goosebumps” when the focus of the discussion shifted to “Furious 8,” whose release date is said to be in April 2017. He stated that the “Furious 8” team is currently focusing at getting the screenplay right and would not want to focus on anything else.

On being asked if they have locked in on any director yet, since Justin Lin’s name turned up few days back, he said that they have not yet decided on the matter and will only decide after the screenplay is ready. Talking about what makes the franchise so special, Neal instantly confessed that besides the great action and story that the franchise has, it’s the characters that are more important for it. They also happen to be the most relatable element in the franchise and it is their constant effort to focus on where will the characters go or how will their story take shape? While talking about them, he did not forget to mention late Paul Walker’s character Brian O’Conner.

Brian at the end of “Furious 7” took his own way before bidding goodbye to Dom, which indicates that the character has moved on in the franchise, but the producers think that there’s still some story left in the franchise that they need to explore. Angles like where are the characters right now and how are they going about with their lives could be dealt with in the upcoming installment. Neal did not reveal more information about it since it is in a planning stage, however, “Furious 7” hinted at new directions where the franchise could go. Apart from that he also confirmed the speculation that the upcoming movie will be a part of a trilogy that they are developing.

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