Fast & Furious 8 Update: Vin Diesel Believes Fast 8, F. Gary Gray will Finally Get Oscars Love

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Fast & Furious 8 Update: Vin Diesel Believes Fast 8, F. Gary Gray will Finally Get Oscars Love
Vin Diesel from Fast & Furious

Vin Diesel believes that the upcoming installment to the Fast & Furious franchise, Fast 8, might receive awards after it gets released next year. According to the actor and producer, the movie’s director, F. Gary Gray, might finally get the recognition he deserves after getting snubbed in this year’s Oscars for Straight Outta Compton. 

The 88th Academy Awards was controversial because, despite having a man of color, the brilliantly funny, Chris Rock, as its host, all the nominees for major categories are white. This gave birth to the hashtag #OscarSoWhite to protest against the lack of diversity not just in awards ceremony, but in Hollywood.

One of the people that got robbed of recognition is Gray whose musical biopic, Straight Outta Compton, received praises from critics and viewers alike. This snub, according to Diesel, is what inspired the director to do better and push boundaries in Fast 8. 

“I think he went into making this movie with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, going ‘Oh, really? Ok. Now I’m going to take the biggest saga in the world, and I’m about to throw Oscars at you,'” he told ET. “Wait till you see what he does!”

The Fast & Furious franchise is bigger than ever. The cast have been spotted filming in various locations around the world including Iceland and Colombia. However, the 49-year-old teased that the next film will be “darker” than its predecessors.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star added that his character, Dominic Toretto, will be conflicted in the upcoming summer blockbuster film. “He’s coming off of a lot of emotion from 7 and the loss that 7 represents,” he said.

Does this mean there will be mentions of Paul Walker’s character, Brain O’Conner, in Fast 8? Or, perhaps, the franchise will continue to honor the late star with tributes to the character and the adventure he had for the past seven films.

Fast & Future 8 will be released on Apr. 14, 2017

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