This Fast & Furious Star Confirms He Has Met WB/DC For Superhero Role

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Fast & Furious Star Confirms He Has Met WB/DC For Superhero Role
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Tyrese Gibson has become a well-known name. The Grammy nominated singer turned actor has been a part of the Fast and the Furious and Transformers franchises in the last few years. He has also been campaigning for a particular superhero role and recently talked about a major update about it.

Tyrese Gibson as John Stewart/Green Lantern

Screen Rant reported that Gibson recently confirmed that he has had meetings with the executives at Warner Bros. to discuss him playing the role of John Stewart.

The actor-singer stated that the executives are still trying to figure out what the movie is and even though he would like to officially confirm that he has been cast in the role, he cannot.

Stewart is one of the Green Lanterns who will be introduced in the DCEU and will be featured heavily in the solo movie Green Lantern Corps. He will be partnering with the other Lantern Hal Jordan who has also been quite the popular superhero in fans’ eyes.

Casting shortlists and updates have already clarified what the studio wants from actors who will end up playing the two superheroes. Despite that, it seems they are being a little bit flexible when it comes to casting the two roles.

Gibson’s campaign for the role

Before he met with the executives to discuss the role, he has been involved in a campaign to officially play the character. His fans began this campaign on social media and since then he has expressed interest in playing the superhero.

On numerous occasions, he has also shared fan art about how he would look like if he were to be chosen for the role. While some fans consider him a good choice, some believe the makers should go for some other actor.

Details about DCEU’s John Stewart

Apart from releasing information about Hal Jordan, WB/DC also made sure to release significant information about Stewart’s Lantern. The studio is looking to cast an actor in the age range of 21 to 30.

Stewart will be a younger Green Lantern and former US Marines Sniper who will get trained by Jordan, a much older and experienced Lantern. Given these details, it might be a little bit hard for Gibson to play the role.

First of all, he is way over the desired age range. He is currently 38 and by the time filming begins he will be around 40. Secondly, he has been associated with playing funny and loud characters in his previous movies.

Since Stewart was a Sniper before becoming a Lantern, Gibson will really have to let go of his funny side and convince everyone that he can play a serious superhero.

Instead of him, it would be better if the makers were to cast someone like Trevante Rhodes to play the character. He is of the right age and will be able to nail the seriousness that is required for the character.

Stewart’s future in DCEU

As of now, Stewart has only been confirmed to appear in Green Lantern Corps. While there might be plans to use him more in DCEU, no such plans have been revealed yet.

There are numerous ways the character can be utilized. Since he will be a young and inexperienced Lantern in the solo movie, he can be of more use once he knows what it truly means to be a Lantern.

He can also be put to good use after the events of Justice League 2. Jordan would be the Lantern who will join the team in Justice League sequel. Once he is done helping the heroes defeat Darkseid, he can make way for Stewart.

Since Stewart will still be young as compared to an old Jordan, he can become a full-time member of the League. Following that he can also take over as the primary Lantern of DCEU.

Plot and release date

Green Lantern Corps has a confirmed story idea. The makers have described it as Lethal Weapon in space and it has also been referred to as DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Jordan will be training the new recruit Stewart and will be seen as a team as they move around the universe policing it. Green Lantern Corps is set for a 2020 release.


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