Father-like Side of G-Dragon Showed In Another ‘Superman Returns’ Episode

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Father-like Side of G-Dragon Showed In Another ‘Superman Returns’ Episode
Father-like Side of G-Dragon Showed In Another ‘Superman Returns’ Episode

Undeniably, G-Dragon is a superstar sensation wherever corner of the world. The reasons are limitless for his phenomenal success. Fans would just love to know more of him for every chance that comes in their way. How about if they would get the opportunity of seeing more of his soft and gentle side? Read on for more details.

The latest TV program of KBS 2TV served as a wonderful treat for all the die-hard followers of the BIGBANG leader. The show entitled “Superman Returns” feature him as the father-like figure to the charming little kid Sarang.

In an episode of the show last September 27, the fans saw themselves in the character of Choo Sarang. According to Soompi, she has the playful and energetic personality which is quite normal for kids her age.

However, upon seeing G-Dragon, she just stopped momentarily and she became amazed in his presence. This made everyone wonder about her actions.  She might be timid at first when drawing near to him, but she responded immediately when he mentioned he’s thirsty. The little girl got him water to quench his thirst.


In that episode as well, they played with each other. They enjoyed a mini-dance party likewise to the tune of “Bang Bang Bang,” a song of BIGBANG.

Then in another episode aired last Oct. 4, 2015, in another article from Soompi, the viewers saw more of this father-like figure of G-Dragon. Choo Sarang became very at ease with him and they even have a fun time together. In one scene, she acted and shot him. He played along and dropped to the floor. What happens after is she jumped on him and started to do more jokes.

The cuteness and endearing personality of Choo Sarang showcased the gentle side of G-Dragon. Of course, it’s very attractive when a guy has a soft spot for kids. It’s very refreshing and delighting to see him this way.

Photo Source: Bigbang/Facebook

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