‘Fear the Walking Dead’ New Teaser Trailer: Madison is Up For Some Rude Awakening [Watch Video]

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Fear the Walking Dead’ New Teaser Trailer: Madison is Up For Some Rude Awakening [Watch Video]
Logo from the television program The Walking Dead.

A week after “Fear the Walking Dead” released a promo, it releases a new one again but this time it features a different character. Read below for the full details and for the new teaser trailer:

The new promo features Kim Dickens as Madison, a high school guidance counselor who listens to the constant ramblings of one of the students about zombies. This kid worries about the virus spreading yet Madison doesn’t believe it yet. However, the virus is quickly spreading through five states already.

“Reports in five states. They don’t know if it’s a virus or a microbe. They don’t know, but it’s spreading… No, people are killing!,” the student says.

“The authorities would tell us,” Madison answers. Would they? I think not!

The first promo that AMC released last week featured a scared Nick running from some unseen terror.

Watch the second promo for “Fear the Walking Dead” below:


“Fear the Walking Dead” is before Rick Grimes discovered that the dead has risen and in this upcoming series, we will see how people handle and struggle to survive in the uprising of this virus and the slow downfall of humanity because of the rising dead.

A lot of fans of “The Walking Dead” are highly anticipating the premiere of this series. It looks like we can’t get enough of zombies as more and more shows are focusing on the rising dead! I wonder how this new series fare with “TWD.”

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