‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Finale Upsets Some Fans – Wants Travis Dead Instead, Season 1 Ender Also Coincides With ‘Fear…’ Webisodes

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Finale Upsets Some Fans – Wants Travis Dead Instead, Season 1 Ender Also Coincides With ‘Fear…’ Webisodes
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The season finale of “Fear the Walking Dead” didn’t let its audience guess twice if somebody important will be having his or her entrails displayed for the last episode. The camera opens up with a blackened skyline as Travis (Cliff Curtis) is faced with an impasse that will change the way he will view his existence. Read on/

In a report from Deadline, Curtis’ character is faced with an unpleasant choice of killing his ex-wife Liza as Madison took some time to finish off their previous pact. Liza’s death despite not being shown in the episode produces a significant shift in the off-shoot series as it prematurely progresses the emotional maturity of Travis.  The death of a central character adds up to the plot despite it being a really tough loss for fans to accept.

Some fans though were caught off-guard with story arc despite it being aptly titled “The Good Man.” As cited by She Knows, earlier in the spin-off, it was mentioned that, “The good ones are always the first to die,” which was alluding to the high school English teacher’s demise. Curtis’ fictional persona hasn’t been well-received by fans of the series as mentioned in the website, with fans tweeting an amalgamation of subtle to the most candid remarks.

Oh, so NOW Travis wants to do something?! #FTWD #DeyWalking

— Dr. Harleen Quinzel (@DynamicDiva85) October 5, 2015

Jesus. If Travis were in The Walking Dead, Carl woulda put him down seasons ago. #FTWD

— Bee Knight (@beenugs) September 28, 2015

The finale ended with new apocalypse castaways which joined the fractured group as they ventured to the Pacific to the beat of “Come sail away with me.| Ruben Blades who plays Daniel, a barber with a shady past as a torturer will further add to the story arc’s enthralling antiquities.

A web series also went online during the season finale of “Fear the Walking Dead”, the Walking Dead:Flight 462 series which is in 16 parts as reported by Forbes, will give attention to the unwelcoming start of the zombie epidemic on a commercial flight.

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