‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 1 Recap

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 1 Recap
Fear the Walking Dead

The prequel to “The Walking Dead” has premiered, “Fear the Walking Dead” and how was the “first day” prior to the zombie apocalypse evolved? Read below for the full recap.

In “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 1 Episode 1, we started with Madison’s family, a guidance counselor in a high school, a mother to Alicia and Nick. Alicia attends the high school her mom works for while Nick is Madison’s drug addict son. Travis, the English teacher that works at the same high school.  He is dating Madison and is the ex-husband of Liza Ortiz and the father of Christopher. We saw Travis struggle to be a good father to Chris and be there as much as possible, but we also saw how he’s so in love with Madison.

Nick, estranged suddenly returned in Madison’s life. They all came together when he was brought to the hospital after being hit by a car. This happened because he woke up in a church that he and his girlfriend have been living in for quite some time now and he heard a noise. He checked and saw dead bodies and saw his girlfriend, Gloria, with a knife sticking out of her side chewing on someone’s face. That’s when he ran and got hit by a car. Nick was questioned by the police, but he didn’t say much.

Madison is happy enough that her son’s back and then she left with Alicia for school. At school, Alicia helps out a kid who’s being bullied. The kid was talking about zombies but, of course, no one believes him. Travis stayed with Nick, though and he helped him go through the trauma of what happened. Of course, they didn’t believe Travis’ story thinking that he was only having hallucinations due to substance abuse. Still, Travis went to the church to see if Travis is telling the truth. He did find some dead bodies and another drug addict who seems to be running for his life from someone unseen. He didn’t see Gloria, though.

Nick is sane and he escapes the hospital and there were a few hints that some people in the show are getting the “virus.” Alicia’s boyfriend, Matt, whom she was supposed to meet but never showed up . The principal whom we thought ha turned into a zombie but he was perfectly fine.

Madison found that her son escaped the hospital so instead of calling the cops, she and Travis decided to look for him on their own. They weren’t successful that day and when they arrived home, chaos is already ensuing outside and a camera footage of the cops being attacked by people they were trying to save where shown. With everything that’s happening, the school was shut down midday. Madison sent Alicia home while she and Travis desperately look for Nick.

Nick met up with Calvin, his dealer. Calvin tried to smooth talk Nick by telling him that he wants to keep him safe. He brought him to the Los Angeles River aqueducts only to shoot him. However, Nick was quicker and was able to snatch the gun from him and shoot him instead. He called Travis and told him about Cal. However, when Travis arrived Cal’s body was nowhere to be found. They left only to find a body in the exit tunnel. There was Nick who warned them to stay back. And right in front of their eyes Calvin tried to attack Madison.

Things are starting to unravel in Los Angeles as the first episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” tells it. The virus is quickly spreading…

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