Feline Face-Off: The Best Catwoman

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Feline Face-Off: The Best Catwoman

Catwoman is an iconic character. For the longest time, she has been a part of our media culture in film and TV that even those who have not seen the films or read the comic books has a sense of who she is and her role in Gotham City. Many have portrayed the role of Catwoman. Some nailed it, while some, somewhere in the portrayal, was lacking. Here’s a rundown of the stars who gave life to the iconic feline.

Halle Berry

Never forget. It is necessary to remind everyone of this horrible Catwoman version. Everything was going for Berry here in terms of being Catwoman. She has the face, the body, the sensuality and even the voice. But it all fell apart because of a horrible script and a scandalous name change. Who is Patience Phillips? Why is that name being associated with Catwoman?

Lee Merriweather

A former beauty queen, Merriweather was cast as the Catwoman in a movie in 1966 that came from the Batman TV show. There really wasn’t anything wrong with her performance in that film, but other versions of the feline fatale proved to be much better than her.

Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt’s voice is probably the best Catwoman voice ever. No one can purr like her, because she’s probably part feline. Those mischievous growls and her sexy cat eyes have made her fit the Catwoman suit and the role to a t. Unfortunately, socio-political traditions prevented Kitt from being a full feline seductress, but nonetheless, she gave one of the most memorable Catwoman performances ever.

Anne Hathaway

Hathaway has been known for squeaky-clean and princessy parts, so when news got out that she will be playing Catwoman, all eyes were on her. Admittedly, there was a low expectation on how good she’ll be since she would be following Halle Berry’s version, but she is an effective actress and managed to pull off a cold, calculating criminal.

Julie Newmar

There will always be a special place for the first Catwoman. The actress, who was also a former dancer and thespian, proved to be right choice to be the first Catwoman as she showed everyone how the character can be both sensual and lethal at the same time.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Her Catwoman has one of the shortest memorable movie lines ever. But that only cemented her status as an actress and also how Catwoman will be if she were real. Pfeiffer breathed and lived the character and she played the version with an almost maniacal brilliance and force that she stood out in that film.

Who is the best Catwoman for you? Let us know by posting your comments below.

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