Few Celebrities Who Have Undergone Plastic Surgery

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Few Celebrities Who Have Undergone Plastic Surgery

Many celebrities in Hollywood undergo plastic surgery in an endeavor to protect their beauty and youth. Whether the attempt turns out the way they expect or not is the real thing to be considered. We have listed a few celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery.

Megan Fox

The cute American actress/ model looks sexy & unapproachable after she underwent plastic surgery. Her pleasant eyes do not appear that friendly now. In addition, her nose looks completely different.

Sylvester Stallone

The Hollywood action hero Sylvester Stallone was insecure about growing old and opted for plastic surgery. The miserable part is that the attempt was too much, and now he looks funny.

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke, the villain of “Iron Man 2,” was a very handsome person. The American actor who played the leading role in many drama, action, and thriller films is looking a little worse after plastic surgery.

Kenny Rogers

The American singer-songwriter/ record producer was not looking unpleasant even before plastic surgery. However, after the surgery, the Country Music Hall of Fame member does not look natural as he has very less wrinkles for his age of 76.

Lil Kim

Lil Kim, the American rapper/ model/ actress, looks ironic and fans criticize her looks after plastic surgery. However, she looks a little less fake after all the surgery.

Donatella Versace

The Italian fashion designer was a very attractive and gorgeous lady once upon a time. Unfortunately, for her plastic surgery was an absolute failure. After the surgery, Versace looks like a Neanderthal.

Janet Jackson

The American singer-songwriter and actress Janet Jackson, the late Michael Jackson’s sister, is of course lucky as plastic surgery turn out good for her. Janet has not lost her unique features after the surgery.

We are aware that plastic surgery does not always turn out the way you expect. That is the real fact and it is true for celebrities as well as.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Megan Fox

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