Few Movies To Get You In A Summer Mood

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Few Movies To Get You In A Summer Mood

The movies about road trips, beach, kids’ fun, and romance in the sun will definitely get you extra sunlight and summer adventures. To make yourself get deep into the summer mood, we have given a list of movies.

Movies about Beach

From Here to Eternity – The eight time Oscar winner film, which shows the realistic story of the lives of American military men, features one of the most famous oceanfront scenes in the movie history. This 1953 drama film directed by Fred Zinnemanne will take you to Hawaii beach and Pearl harbor.

Jaws – A 1975 classic thriller, directed by Steven Spielberg, will take you to the New England beach. The film is about the hunt for a shark attacking swimmers off the New England beach. This film, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, is followed by many sequels.

Childhood Fun in the Sun

Homeward Bound– 2 pet dogs and a pet cat goes on an excursion to find their owners who are on vacation in San Francisco. Your kids will love the film and summer on seeing the pets trekking through the wilderness and mountains.

Flight of the Navigator– Twelve-year-old David becomes unconscious in a forest after falling into a ravine. This story is about his adventure with the alien ship during 8 years of his unconsciousness.

Movies about Summer Romance

Brokeback Mountain” – The 2005 American epic romantic drama film, directed by Ang Lee, is about love and romance of young farm boys who hired a large herd of sheep for the summer on Brokeback Mountain.

Dirty Dancing” – The 1987 American romantic drama film is about the love of Frances “Baby” Houseman with dance instructor Johnny Castle.

Summer Road Trip Movies

Little Miss Sunshine– Why don’t you join the road trip to the eponymous children’s beauty pageant in Redondo Beach, along with Hoover family?

National Lampoon’s Vacation– If you want to travel to the fictional L.A. amusement park and Walley World from the comfort of your home, this film that comes with several sequels can make a good choice.

Hope you will enjoy your summer with all these blockbuster movies.

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