FIESTAR’s Lead Vocal Linzy Almost Became a Part of 2NE1

By April Lara | 2 years ago

FIESTAR member Linzy has recently admitted that she alms became part of 2NE1 during her photoshoot with the magazine International BNT. Read below for the full details:

According to AllKPop, Linzy revealed that she was training under YG Entertainment and was one of the girls being chosen for the K-pop girl group 2NE1. However, she left YG Entertainment and that’s when she became a member of FIESTAR.

She also said that even though some people think that she made the wrong decision for leaving YG Entertainment and gaining more money, she is happy with FIESTAR and she thinks that being a part of 2NE1 isn’t really her destiny. Linzy also said that she remains friends with the 2NE1 girls but they don’t see or talk to each other that often due to their busy schedules.

Linzy said that whenever they meet 2NE1 in some music program shows, 2NE1 would always greet her and that makes her feel so touched. As of now, Linzy has become the new lead singer of FIESTAR.

FIESTAR made their comeback last March 2015. It seems they are going to be very busy to release new tracks. Lizzy said that she looks up to Girl’s Generation because she admires how the group promotes their songs.

Linzy remains humble regarding her being the new vocalist of FIESTAR. She believes that she isn’t born with the voice she has now and she’s determined to keep working in order to help improve her voice.

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Photo source: Facebook/Fiestar


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