Fifty Shades Darker Latest Raunchy Trailer: Swift & Malik Single Rocks Dornan & Johnson’s Special Scene

By Sangati Jogwar | 2 years ago
Fifty Shades Darker Latest Raunchy Trailer: Swift & Malik Single Rocks Dornan & Johnson’s Special Scene
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The Fifty Shades Darker production team recently released a steamy trailer. It teases a raunchy scene between the lead characters Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson. Incidentally, the scene ends with the Taylor Swift & Zayn Malik single in the background. Of course, the song suddenly becomes more meaningful or rather suggestive.

Is the Latest Fifty Shades Darker Clip Rude?

Some may find the overall teaser quite rude and even outrageous. But if you know Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, the two lead characters of the movie well enough, then nothing is rude when it comes to getting intimate.

However, this time around, the onscreen couple does manage to perk up the level of raunchiness by a million at least. Most importantly, the single from Swift and Malik adds more suggestive meaning to the overall scene.

The clip shows Christian convincing his girlfriend to take off her pants while they are having dinner at a restaurant, reports Mirror. Obviously, Ana obliges and does what he asks albeit discreetly but in full public view. The clip elaborately details the whole process and somehow starts your imagination rolling as to what will happen next.

Fifty Shades Darker

Immediately after that, Jamie Dornan aka Christian asks for the check and the couple moves towards the elevator but the raunchiness does not stop here. It seems that for Christian & Ana, every moment without some steamy intimacy is time wasted. When the pair enters the elevator followed by several others on the floor, Christian bends down, pretending to tie his shoelace.

Here you glimpse another level of sexiness as Christian begins his playful movement of hands over Ana’s body right in the elevator. It is quite obvious that the teaser has been released just to play with the imagination of the viewers. The Fifty Shades Darker recent clip certainly makes it clear what the audience can expect when they walk in the theaters.

New Taylor Swift & Zayn Malik Single Rocks Fifty Shades Darker Scene

The recent collaboration of Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik attracted a lot of attention and even started off rumors of their supposed affair. But the song I Don’t Wanna Live Forever is a real gem that gives suggestive meaning to the scene in the trailer. The soundtrack starts the moment Christian and Ana walk into the elevator and continues until the end of the clip.

For those who have viewed the clip, it would be impossible to imagine the Fifty Shades Darker doing the same shot in the movie without the soundtrack running in the background. The number hints at exactly what the couple has in mind and is trying to suppress all through the clip.

Scroll down to watch the trailer:

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