Fifty Shades Darker Star Dakota Johnson Relieved Intimate Scenes With Jamie Dornan Over?

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Fifty Shades Darker Star Dakota Johnson Relieved Intimate Scenes With Jamie Dornan Over?
Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have already wrapped shooting their sex scenes and the actress felt relieved. She was happy she had successfully portrayed the sexy wife in the intimate scenes.

The BitBag shared that the actress finds the shooting for the sex scenes tiresome. She openly said that for a single scene she has to mentally stimulate herself to be able to give the best portrayal.

The shooting for the second installment titled Fifty Shades Darker and the third one titled Fifty Shades Freed were done back to back. It must have been very tedious as the actress describes the shooting.

The funny side of her story is that because of the film, her love life was affected. She reasoned that men think that she is like her character in real life that is why he cannot find the special man. Her acting is commendable because it connects with her real life.

She seems to feel relaxed snapping herself in a provocative pose. Was it because she got used to the sexy scenes? See the photo below. She is indeed very sexy.

Dakota Johnson cannot be immune from rumors linking her with her co-star Jamie Dornan. However, the two actors had nothing more but a professional relationship. She is a friend of his wife Amelia Warner. They even spend time together during shooting breaks. She joined him and Amelia in a swimming spree at Côte d’Azur.

Jamie Dornan is equally relieved now that filming is over. He can now spend more time with his kids and wife. He seems to want to go private these days by shutting of his Twitter account.

Jamie Dornan loves his role as a father and considers it the best thing. His movie with Dakota Johnson will be released on Feb 9, 2017.


Photo Source: Facebook/Dakota Johnson

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