‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Screenwriter Has not Seen the Movie Herself

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Screenwriter Has not Seen the Movie Herself

More than a million people across the globe have seen the movie and loved it. There might be some people who have not seen the movie and the reasons for that could vary from one reason to another. For some it might not be of there taste, for some the story was too long but there is one person who has not seen the movie and the reason might have been more like a personal reason. A bit of disappointment if I may add.

According to Yahoo! Movies, Kelly Marcel the screenwriter of “Fifty Shades of Grey” hasn’t seen the movie herself and maintains she won’t be able to see it. The reason for her not watching a movie whose script was written by her sounds a bit dramatic but at her part, she does have a valid point. According to the screenwriter, the movie did not turn the way she had hoped it would turn. She mentioned that she had a completely different set of ideas as to how she would adapt the characters in the movie and how both the character’s story would shape like.

If readers can recall, the movie didn’t really talk about how the protagonist Billionaire Christian Grey got into the kinky stuff that the movie had, because it was not included in the script that was used to shoot the movie. The original script actually had a back and forth narration where scenes from Christian and Anastasia’s story would run and would also depict the past life of Christian that included his trauma and as to when did he choose to side with the domination techniques that he follows. It was centred on his pain and motivation for S&M.

The writer also said that initially both the producers and author of the book E L James were all excited about it and encouraged her to go ahead with her wild imagination and present a script according to her sensibilities. When she did, the scripts underwent changes even after getting a nod from the makers. But Miss Marcel maintains that she has nothing but respect for the makers as well as the author with whom she collaborated for a re-write. Let’s just hope the second instalment of the movie adapts the copy she will submit.

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