Final Cast of ‘Steve Jobs’ Biopic Finally Confirmed

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Final Cast of ‘Steve Jobs’ Biopic Finally Confirmed
Steve Jobs holding a en:MacBook Air (at en:MacWorld Conference & Expo 2008 – Moscone Center – San Francisco, CA)

After a long time of enduring casting problems, Universal Pictures has finally released the confirmed, star-studded cast of the biopic “Steve Jobs,” which tells the story of the late pioneering founder of Apple.

On Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, Universal Pictures has released a statement regarding the commencement of the shooting of “Steve Jobs,” as well as revealing its long-awaited final list of actors. Michael Fassbender will be starring as the titular character Steve Jobs. Jobs’ Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, will be played by Seth Rogen. Michael Stuhlbarg also joined in as Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original Apple Macintosh developers. Playing as Macintosh’s former marketing chief, Joanna Hoffman, is Kate Winslet. Jeff Daniels also plays as former Apple CEO John Sculley.

With regards to the characters involved in the personal aspect of Jobs’ story, Jobs’ ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan will be portrayed by Katherine Waterston. Their daughter Lisa Brennan will be portrayed in her various life stages by Makenzie Moss, Ripley Sobo and Perla Haney-Jardine.

Other cast members include Adam Shapiro as Avadis “Avie” Tevanian, the former Senior Vice President of Software Engineering and former Chief Software Technology Officer of Apple Computer, and Sarah Snook as Cunningham Communication founder Andrea Cunningham.

Aside from showing more about the man behind Apple, the biopic’s story also focuses on Apple’s three most notable product launches. This includes the iconic 1998 release of the iMac. As such, it also includes the story behind the digital development that led to the creation of today’s most well-known gadgets.

Directed by Danny Boyle, “Steve Jobs” was written by Aaron Sorkin, in reference to Walter Isaacson’s best-selling “Steve Jobs” biography. The movie’s producers include Christian Colson, Guymon Casady, Mark Gordon and Scott Rudin. Distributed by Universal Pictures, “Steve Jobs” has begun shooting in San Francisco. As of the moment, the movie’s release date has not yet been confirmed.

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