Finding Carter Season 1 Finale Recap: One Hour Photo

By Alex | 4 years ago
Finding Carter Season 1 Finale Recap: One Hour Photo
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Finding Carter” Season 1 Finale Episode 12 “One Hour Photo” aired on Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014,  on MTV. The nightmare that broke Carter’s family has happened again. Read on to learn more about Episode 12 “One Hour Photo” recap.

Previously on “One Hour Photo,” the anticipation continued as Carter reunites with Lori, the only mother she knew before meeting her biological family. Lori began to show her the hidden stash of family pictures when Elizabeth was still pregnant with Carter and Taylor.

She let her parents know that Lori might really be obsessed and that it was really her plan all along to move into their location. It was really hard on her to know that it might be the reason that she kidnapped her and not because she wanted to have her own child. The tables are turned now because Carter wanted Lori to be arrested by Elizabeth.

Speaking of Elizabeth, she was happy that Carter finally see the real reason why her parents wanted to stay away from people like Lori and Crash. She also received a phone call from a counselor that her daughter needed some help after the traumatic crisis happened.

It was too late that she learned that it was Lori who posed as Carter’s therapist/counselor! Lori went to confront Carter inside their home while everyone was away. Carter was given yet another photo, and this time, it only featured a half-naked David. She tried to ask her dad about it, but he denied it.

Meanwhile, Max already woke up feeling invalid. He lashed it all on Taylor, who wanted to do her duty as a loyal girlfriend. Despite her mother’s warnings, Taylor decided to leave school to take care of Taylor. Max learned about it, and he told her to never come back. Later, a calmed Max finally admitted the truth. He doesn’t want to be a burden to her that’s why he decided to broke up with her.

Back to Elizabeth, the “counselor” called again to tell her that she wanted to meet Carter’s mother in person. She was immediately informed by Carter that it was all part of Lori’s plan. They continued their reinforced relationship by thinking of ways to catch Lori for good. The plan was almost done when the unthinkable happened. When Lori learned about her arrest, she immediately drugged and kidnapped Carter again.

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And that’s it for “Finding Carter” Episode 12 “One Hour Photo”  recap. It aired on Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014, on MTV. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) as we keep you posted on updates about “Finding Carter.”

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