‘Finding Dory’ Comes Alive Finally On The Big Screen With Ellen DeGeneres; Clownfish Nemo Not Swimming Along?

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
‘Finding Dory’ Comes Alive Finally On The Big Screen With Ellen DeGeneres; Clownfish Nemo Not Swimming Along?
Finding Dory

It took a long swim of almost 12 years for “Finding Dory,” a follow-up to “Finding Nemo,” to come alive finally on the big screen. TV host Ellen DeGeneres who has been quite unrestricted for a sequel through the years has been all smiles lately especially now that a confirmed date has been set for her titular role. Read on to know more details.

DeGeneres via Ecumenical News even managed to jest that everything is possible if you wish regularly on live tv, “Kids, let that be a lesson to you. Anything is possible if you’re patient and you beg enough on national television!”

The 57-year-old actress, who will reprise her jittery role as a one-track minded blue tang, will be reunited once more with Marlin and the rest of the “Tank Gang.” Making their deep blue homecoming are Albert Brooks (Marlin), Gil (Willem Dafoe) and Deb (Vicki Lewis). Several quirky characters will be joining the waterlogged cast which will be voice-over by the following actors: Jenny (Diane Keaton) and Charlie (Eugene Levy) playing Dory’s parents and their adopted killer whale daughter (Kaitlin Olson) and an unnamed beluga whale (Ty Burrell). Returning with the cast is Andrew Stanton who also wrote the screenplay.

KDramaStars reported August last year of a dreaded possibility that Nemo will no longer be on “Finding Dory.” It was since child actor Alexander Gould has grown into maturity. Still it would be a pleasant surprise if  Pixar has just kept everything under wraps and eventually has picked up a new actor to voice the giddy clown fish.

For those who haven’t caught the plot of Dory’s own adventure, International Business Times gave a full account last May via Collider.

The official trailer for “Finding Dory” will be revealed this month in Anaheim, California during the Disney D23 Expo.

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