Finding Nemo in 3D

By admin | 6 years ago

Finding Nemo in 3DDisney used to rerelease its old animated flicks in order to reach a new audience but the scheme is stopped when home videos are introduced into the equation. Now Disney finds a new reason to rerelease old blockbusters and it is 3D.

Disney rereleased Beauty and the Beast in 3D but it is not quite enjoyable to see two-dimensional drawings turned into 3D images. That’s not a problem with Finding Nemo because it is a fully digital movie.

Finding Nemo 3D features the voice of Albert Brooks as Marlin, Nemo’s father who lives in the Great Barrier Reef. Nemo is voiced by Alexander Gould and you can tell how old the movie is by comparing his voice in this production and with his character in Weeds. Nemo wants to be free from his father’s overprotectiveness.

During his first day of school, Nemo goes out into the open sea and he is caught by a scuba diver who brings him back to Sydney to be sold in a pet shop. Marlin goes off to find Nemo and in his journey he meets Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), who good natured fish with a short term memory deficiency problem.

Finding Nemo 3D shows Dory and Marlin’s journey. We also see Nemo’s escape from the dentist’s aquarium. It is a masterpiece from Pixar that has the right combination of action, beautiful visuals, and well-written dialogues. Its voice casting is also superb. Aside from Brooks, Gould, and DeGeneres, other actors whose voices are featured in the film are Willem Dafoe, Brad Garrett, Geoffrey Rush and Allison Janney.

Ten years after its initial run, Finding Nemo 3D is still a fun movie. Director Andrew Stanton can be proud of this movie. The 3D rendering gives it more depth but it feels more like a money-making gimmick and nothing more.

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