Fionna Apple Arrested After Drugs Found

By admin | 6 years ago

Fiona Apple, the singer and songwriter, was arrested for possessing hashish on Wednesday. Border Patrol agents at a West Texas checkpoint found the drug after a drug-sniffing canine detected marijuana on the singer’s tour bus. A spokesman for the sheriff’s office of Hudspeth County said Apple spent the night Wednesday in jail in the town of Sierra Blanca. On Thursday, the spokesperson said Apple was released after posting bail in the amount of $10,000.

Sierra Blanca has become a popular place for celebrities to be arrested on marijuana charges. Celebrities such as Armand Hammer, an actor and singers Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson were all arrested previously in the same location.

The sheriff’s spokesperson said the canine alerted the agent from the Border Patrol and the bus was then searched. Police found the hashish in one of the backpacks on the bus. The drugs found consisted of marijuana that weighed approximately 4 grams and about the same weight of a clay-like ingredient that later tested positive as hashish.

When the drugs were located, Apple told the border patrol they were hers. The checkpoint in Sierra Blanca inspects thousands of vehicles everyday and sends thousands of drug cases each year to the county. The possession of marijuana in a very small amount is just a misdemeanor, but Texas Law considers any quantity of hashish a felony.

People make hashish by using the resin from a marijuana plant. It has the same active ingredients that marijuana does, but in higher concentrations.


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