Fire with Fire Fizzles Out

By admin | 6 years ago

Fire with FireJeremy Coleman (Josh Duhamel) is a firefighter in a rough neighborhood. He is just minding his own business in a local store when it is held up by David Hagan (Vincent D’Onofrio) and his henchman (Vinnie Jones). They kill the store own and Coleman’s son.

Coleman is the only witness to the crime, which is why he is placed under a witness protection program by Detective Cella (Bruce Willis) and Agent Durham (Rosario Dawson). While in the program, he falls in love with the agent.

The evil Hagan doesn’t want Coleman to testify against him and he sends a hitman (Julian McMahon) to chase after the firefighter. Coleman realizes that it is impossible to run and hide forever. So he decides to settle the matter with Hagan with his own hands.

Coleman uses his firefighter skills to mow down the bad guys in his way but it falls short of an exciting climax. Fire with Fire has a lot of punching, kicking, shooting, and running but they are not done in an entertaining manner.

Fire with Fire is an action flick that you will see at the bottom shelf of the video rental store along with Wesley Snipes and Van Damme movies. The movie’s all-star cast can’t save from becoming a disaster. Aside from Willis and Duhamel, it also stars 50 Cent and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who last starred as B.A. from the remake of the A-Team.

The action doesn’t raise one’s adrenalin at all. You don’t feel the imminent danger to Coleman even in the towering inferno climax of Fire with Fire. While Duhamel manages to portray his character well, the rest don’t.

People might be curious whether Fire with Fire is a movie that is so bad, it turns out to be good. But then again, if you think of the budget of the movie, you might not enjoy it at all.

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