The First Episode of ‘Doctor Who’ And Clara Oswald’s Fate

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
The First Episode of ‘Doctor Who’ And Clara Oswald’s Fate
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The audience remains curious with every single BBC TV series and “Doctor Who” is no exception. The new update apprises that “Doctor Who” is going to encounter an implausible Beatles crossover moment on Abbey Road.

Though it needs confirmation but the proceeding of the plot has signaled about the fate of a pivotal character of the show.

The news is that to recreate the Fab Four’s classic shoot, based on the iconic 1989 album, its stars like Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman conjoined two Daleks in real life. A pose has been stuck

Onto the famous crossing a pose has been stuck by the Time Lord and his assistant Clara Oswald with a couple of the series’ reprehensible antagonists checking in on them. The shoot has generated the speculation that Jenna playing the part of Sir Paul McCartney will meet her final end. The shoot has included a commendable detailing. Jenna has even shot barefoot that prompts her death conspiracy and more over she, herself, has confirmed to film her final scenes for the show.

The shoot can be a publicity stand to provoke more curiosity in a subtle way but this fact remains steady that Jenna Coleman is leaving the show to play Queen Victoria, even confirmed by BBC News. Clara Oswald will leave the audience disheartened by departing the TARDIS behind. Still it cannot be assured whether Doctor used the TARDIS to pull Paul back from dead or if there are some other theories.

Even Peter Capaldi hinted that the first episode will be terrible and fabulous. The show returns on BBC tonight at 7.30 pm, with an explosive ninth series set to kick-start this evening.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Doctor Who

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