First Kiss for the Seventh Time: Everything about Lee Min Ho, EXO Kai’s New Drama

By Disha Mashelkar | 4 months ago
First Kiss for the Seventh Time: Everything about Lee Min Ho, EXO Kai’s New Drama
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First Kiss for the Seventh Time is one of the most-anticipated upcoming Korean web series. One of the reasons is the casting of Legends of the Blue Sea star Lee Min Ho and EXO’s Kai, along with other well-known stars. The story, however, does not focus on either Lee Min Ho or Kai.

This K- Drama follows Lee Cho Hee’s character Min Soo Jin who never had a boyfriend and hence never kissed a man before. According to the storyline, Min Soo Jin’s character one day meets a Goddess, played by actress Choi Ji Woo, who lets her meet seven handsome men. Her life is expected to go on a twisted ride as she attempts to pick the right partner for her first kiss.

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First Kiss for the Seventh Time Cast Members

Initially, Lee Min Ho was not part of this drama series. He was recently added to this pack of the cast. Apart from him, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Joon Gi, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Cho Hee, Park Hae Jin, EXO Kai and Lee Jong Suk are part of First Kiss for the Seventh Time web drama series.

Source: Facebook/First Kiss For The Seventh Time
Source: Facebook/First Kiss For The Seventh Time

Roles Revealed

Each character from this web series plays a unique role. All the seven men have different background and professions.

Inquisitr reports that Ji Chang Wook plays a secret agent, Lee Jun Ki plays a church oppa from Choi Hee’s younger days, Taecyeon plays the son of a Chaebol who sacrifices for love. Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin plays lead star’s romantic co-worker and Lee Jong Suk’s character is a famous personality.

Lee Min Ho, Kai’s Role Details

The details of Lee Min Ho’s role are yet to be disclosed. According to Inquisitr, Lee Min Ho did not attend the press conference. Hence, concrete details about his role cannot be revealed. But he is speculated to play a free spirit traveler.

Moreover, the online web series changed its name to First Kiss for the Seventh Time from First Kiss For The Sixth Time after Lee Min Ho signed up for the role.

And EXO Kai plays a younger guy who used to get Chinese tutoring. His character is described as someone who is of a sweet nature.

The exact premiere date of this web series has not yet revealed. But it is likely to air sometime in December.

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Photo Source: You Tube/ First Kiss for the Seventh Time

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