First Lady in Arizona Campaigning

By admin | 7 years ago

Democrats across the nation are hailing first lady Michelle Obama’s trip to Tucson as a sign the state is still up for grabs in the presidential election in November. However, Republicans insist the state will go GOP like is has for the last three presidential elections. Obama will deliver remarks in a fundraiser in Tucson Monday night, as part of her four-state swing into the West. The trip includes visits in Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado.

Her visit to Arizona comes on the heels of visits from current Vice President Joe Biden and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Biden was at a private fundraiser in Phoenix on April 19. Romney, the following day, had a discussion with Hispanic community and business leaders in Phoenix before heading to Tempe for a rally.

A recent poll taken by the non-partisan Behavior Research Center showed that over 42% of 511 registered voters’ contacted supported current president Obama and that only 40% favored his opponent Romney. Eighteen percent were still undecided. Because there is a margin of error of about 4%, the state of Arizona is considered a tossup by many.

Even though Arizona does not have the electoral status that Florida, California or other states have, it is coveted by both the Democrats and Republicans for its reputation as being a stronghold for the Republicans and as a starting point for the debate on immigration.

Bill Clinton was the last Democratic presidential candidate to win Arizona, in 1996. The Arizona Republican Party understands that the Obama campaign is very organized but feels that Romney can win since his campaign is so disciplined.


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