First Look at CW’s The Flash [WATCH VIDEO]

By April Lara | 4 years ago
First Look at CW’s The Flash [WATCH VIDEO]
Grant Gustin on the sets of “The Flash”, Vancouver, March 12, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/Nigel Horsley

After an intense “Arrow” finale, CW gave us the first ever trailer for their new show “The Flash.” A superhero spin-off that will hit the network this Fall 2014 and it got us all so excited! Do you want to know more about this superhero TV show? Then, go on and read more about it, we have all the details! Here’s the first look at CW’s “The Flash.”

“The Flash” is based on the DC comic book character Barry Allen, the fastest man alive. In 1990, this show has come to TV and it starred John Wesley Shipp. Today’s version of “The Flash” will be very different from its show in 1990 but it is confirmed that Shipp will guest star in the show.

“The Flash” will be portrayed by Grant Gustin  (“Glee,” “90210”). The story is about the life of Barry Allen and how his life started to change when his mother was murdered. They never found out who the real killer is and this mystery drove Barry Allen to become a forensic scientist. He spent most of his life on his desk, solving every case that is given to him until a lightning bolt hit him and there he gained his super speed powers, which turned him into”The  Flash.”

When he turned into “The Flash,” he started to solve crimes and help all those who need him with the bonus of having lightning-fast speed!

A lot of people are so excited for “The Flash” TV series and it seems like The CW is having more and more exciting shows lined up in 2014 for everyone. We do hope that this show will not got cancelled after its first run, just like what they did on the first adaptation back in 1990.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “The Flash” will be coming to the network this October 2014 and it will air on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m.

What do you think of “The Flash?” Are you looking forward to it? Share with us your thoughts by posting your comments below. You know we would love to hear all about it! For the latest news about “The Flash” and other entertainment news, make sure that you catch it here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

For now, watch “The Flash” trailer below:

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