‘The Good Wife’ Season 7 Premiere Unveils First Look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
‘The Good Wife’ Season 7 Premiere Unveils First Look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“The Good Wife” Season 7 premiere is going to air on CBS on Sunday, October 4. The audience will hold their hearts to watch what surprises may come out from the shelves with the first episode named “Grunts”.

The great part the fans will be eager to see is how Alicia Florrick will commence with a new chapter in her life and yes, another pleasing surprise is Alicia may embark on the new phase with Jason Crouse.

According to Carter Matt, The character of Crouse has been portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor of “Supernatural” and “Extant”. He will essay the role of as a special investigator in the show and Alicia may rely on him to a great extent with the plot’s progression. The audience will love to see a romance blossom between the duo.

Well, it may be a too early stage to comment but there is a vivid hint of the upcoming temptation. Though married to Peter, Alicia is not sharing an unending complexity that can lead to a split. Moreover, Matthew Goode has exited the series already and so to balance the situation, it’s quite obvious that Jason and Alicia may share a romantic interest. Hold on folks, that will not be a cliché. Even series co-creator Robert King confirmed that there’d be heat between Alicia and Jason. (via TV Line)

The suave look of Jason has been out from the second new episode of the season entitled “Innocents”. We adore the appearance of the investigator and hope he will add a noteworthy section in the show for carrying the change.

The audience is looking forward to know another important additions that will happen as soon as Kalinda departed the show leaving a void and we remain excited to view who will take up the notable mysterious role to fill up the space.

So there’s no doubt, “The Good Wife” Season 7 has a good deal of elements to make the audience glad after a number of speculations around it.

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