First his Butt, Then the rehab, and now Zac Efron Breaks his Jaw!

By admin | 4 years ago

It looks like Zac Efron has had quite a happening year for himelf, no its not about his carreer, it’s about the ambiguous stunts that he’s pulling off in a series. First off in the list was Zac going to rehab for doing cocaine. According to a few Tabloid reports, Zac was in rehab for 5 months for what is being called a ‘serious cocaine addiction’.

It doesn’t end there, Efron went out on a limb (literally) to show case his butt in the trailer of the romantic comedy, The Awkward Moment, I guess it doesn’t get more awkward than that.

And finally according to numerous recent reports, Zac Efron has rather unfortunately broken his jaw! The actor apparently slipped on a puddle of water in his house and fell which led to the jaw breaking incident! C’man Zac, really? Zac has been getting treatment for the unfortunate injury and had to have his jaw stitched shut for while.

Source: Vulture

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