Five Australian Films to Watch in Australia Day

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Five Australian Films to Watch in Australia Day
Australia Day 2014/Chris Phutully

With the Land Down Under celebrating Australia Day, what better way to celebrate than to watch movies that a lot of Australians fell in love with. Here are some of the them.

“The Story of the Kelly Gang”

The silent movie, which was shown in 1906, is one the most recommended movies for several reasons. One of them is the intriguing account of Ned Kelly, especially his armor suit which a lot of Australians know. Another is that this film is probably one of the first feature-length films to have ever been made. Back in those days, films that were made full length were mostly compilation shorts films. Here’s a fact about the film: the actors who starred in the film made use of the actual armor of Ned Kelly.

“The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”

Imagine this: Agent Smith, the gorgeous Mike from “Neighbours,” and General Zod dressed in drag. “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” is considered one of the best road trip films ever. It also helped that the movie did not lose its Australian feel, and of course they were in drag.

“The Sapphires”

The movie, which was shown in 2012, was one of the most anticipated films to come out that year. The story of four Aboriginal girls, who became famous as a girl group, started singing for their troops stationed in Vietnam. The movie was praised for having one of the most authentic feel of a musical coupled with a riveting soundtrack and also gave an insight on what teenagers think about the Vietnam War.


Considered to be one of Australia’s cinematic gems, it is also one of the best movies of all time to depict war stories. The movie follows the troubles of a few Western Australian men in the time of the Gallipoli Campaign in World War I. The film was backed by a huge funding, and its battle scenes were still one of the best executed scenes ever. This movie was also instrumental in launching Mel Gibson’s international career.

“Mad Max”

Another Australian film that has made a global impact is “Mad Max.” The movie has been a big influence on a lot of movie makers. A lot of film critics still consider this film as one the best dystopian films to have been made. A lot of directors still pay homage to the gritty look and feel of the movie whenever they create a dystopian film.

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