Five Best Things About ‘Gracepoint’

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Five Best Things About ‘Gracepoint’
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Gracepoint” will finally premiere on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. The adaptation of “Broadchurch” from the U.K. will star Anna Gunn (“Breaking Bad”) and David Tennant (“Dr. Who”) and will feature an emotional whodunit piece that critics are already raving about. Below are five best things about this show. Read on.

American viewers will be able to see more of David Tennant.

Those familiar with David Tennant from watching “Dr. Who,” which has a cult following everywhere, might be curious to watch the actor play an American in “Gracepoint.” Those who have yet to learn about the actor might be surprised to learn that he’s actually Scottish, with a thick accent. But you won’t get a hint of it from watching the FOX series. He brings the same intensity to the role he will reprise for the American audience. He played the same role in the British version, in case you have not heard.

Seeing Anna Gunn do her stuff again.

Gunn is an Emmy winner for her role on “Breaking Bad,” so she has the capabilities of delivering what is needed. She should carry the same depth to “Gracepoint,” perhaps earning another nomination for it.

The reinvention of Nick Nolte.

A few decades back, Nick Nolte was a popular movie star. He even received an Oscar nod. Then he became a caricature, unfairly mocked on the internet. Nolte, however, returns to acting via this series, and we suspect he will be showing everyone what a professional actor with years of experience can do.

The pilot is done shot for shot and stays true to the original. It even has the original writer and director on the board.

FOX brought the original writer and creator of “Broadchurch,” from which the show was adapted. They also brought its original director to help with the “Gracepoint.” This gives the show a sense of what the story and series should be like, as the same visions and ideas from the creator, writer and director are also applied. The original sources are Chris Chibnall and James Strong.

The extra episodes, added characters.

Despite adapting the series (well, almost), FOX has given “Gracepoint” added episodes, allowing its pool of writers to bring in more characters and adding twists that the original series didn’t have. This gives “Gracepoint” something unique and different, and thus even if you have seen “Broadchurch” (on BBC America and ITV), you’ll still get a few surprises in the American adaptation.

Catch “Gracepoint” this coming Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. Movie News Guide (MNG) will regularly provide updates, recaps and spoilers, so keep checking back.

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