‘Five Ghosts’ Comic to be Developed by Syfy

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
‘Five Ghosts’ Comic to be Developed by Syfy
Syfy Logo. April 2011. Wikimedia Commons/NBC Universal.

SyFy is set to produce a television adaptation of “Five Ghosts”, an adaptation of the Image Comics series by Frank J. Barbiere and artist Chris Mooneyham. For more details on this story, read on.

According to Comicbook.com, the network will make a running TV series for “Five Ghosts.” Evan Daugherty, who has worked on “TMNT”, “Divergent” and “Snow White And The Huntsman”, to pen the pilot.

“Five Ghosts” will be produced by Universal Cable Productions, Black Mask Studios, and BenderSpink. Executive producers will include Matt Pizzolo and Brett Gurewitz of Black Mask Studios, Chris Bender of BenderSpink, Jake Weiner and Jake Wagner to act as executive producers.

“Frank and Chris have really crafted something unique here, a non-stop action thrill ride with a smart, sophisticated literary sensibility. It’s really a pleasure to get to work with them on expanding the Five Ghosts world” said Black Mask Studios’ co-founder Matt Pizzolo.

Set in the 1930’s era, the story focuses on Fabian Gray who suffers from a rare affliction, inflicted after an encounter with an artifact known as “The Dreamstone”. This encounter has given Gray the power to harness the abilities of five literary Ghosts, referred to as “The Wizard”, “The Archer”, “The Detective”, “The Samurai” and “The Vampire”, Merlin, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Musashi, and Dracula respectively.

“Beyond television, we’re extremely thrilled to be working with Black Mask in developing exciting new media content. Black Mask is helping us bring a direct adaptation of the source material to new media and it’s amazing to be able to have actual artwork and assets from the comic be brought to new audiences” said “Five Ghosts” creator Barbiere in the Comicbook.com article.

“Five Ghosts” was conceptualized in 2012. During the same year, a preview about it was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con before the first issue was published on Mar. 2013.

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SyFy Developing Old Man’s War into a TV Series

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By  – SyFy has found another show to add in its roster of established sci-fi themed series in “Ghost Brigades.” Read on to find out more about SyFy’s new TV show.

Syfy Logo. April 2011. Wikimedia Commons/NBC Universal.
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According to Entertainment Weekly (EW), the network has starteddeveloping the novel into a TV series with a few changes. The adaptation will be based on the novel “Old Man’s War,” which was written by John Scalzi.

“Ghost Brigades” follows the story of John Perry. He was an old man who’s gotten enlisted to join Colonial Defense Force. He will arrive to learn more about the technology and the group with the help of a mysterious woman. He will join their mission on fighting against the high-tech expansion of humans into cosmos. The said technological breakthrough enabled humans to transfer their experiences and consciousness to much younger host bodies.

SyFy has bagged the rights for it and will turn the show into a TV series. It was after Paramount did not push through with the project despite getting the rights for the adaptation of the novel. It was also reported that the network decided not to skip the events on the first novel.

Moreover, Scalzi explained more about the TV adaptation in a post on his official website. He shared that the series will also add several from the various books included in the OMW universe.

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