Five Horror Films Based on a True Story

By rubina | 3 years ago
Five Horror Films Based on a True Story
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A horror film, which is based from a true story, can give us a different feeling — scarier perhaps? — as we know that it happened and could happen in real life. So we have summed up five horror films based on a true-to-life story. Check out our picks below.

“Exorcism of Emily Rose”

This horror film is based on the real story of Anneliese Michel, the defense lawyer (Linney) represented the parish priest Father Wilkinson, who was accused of negligent homicide. In the movie, which mostly takes place in the courtroom leading to the flashbacks of Emily’s story. In the movie, Lawyer Erin Bruner defends the priest Father Richard Moore who was charged of negligent homicide because he tried an exorcism on Emily which failed and led to her death. But the defense lawyer Bruner tries to explain that it was Emily’s parents who approached the priest for an exorcism because the medicines and psychology had failed to help their daughter.

“The Amityville Horror”

It is based on the novel, “The Amityville Horror: A True Story” written by Jay Anson, which is about the Lutz family and their paranormal experiences in the house. The real story suggests that George and Kathy Lutz with their three children moved into a Dutch colonial house in Amityville, which is located in the suburbs of Long Island, New York. Before they shifted to that house, it is said that Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed six members of his family at the house. Within 28 days, the Lutz family left that place as they claimed that they were haunted by the paranormal activities in that house. But they never told the experiences about their last day at that house, they describe them as “too frightening.”

“The Haunting at Connecticut”

It is believed that the movie is about the real story of Carmen Snedeker and her family, some say it’s based on the novel, “In a Dark Place: The Story of the True Haunting” written by Ray Garton. The author has mentioned himself that the story is somewhat true and most of it is all made up, as written by Live Science . In the movie, the director Peter Cornwell has introduced fictional characters, the Campbells, who move into a house, which was earlier a mortuary in Connecticut, with their son who suffered with cancer. Later, the Campbells realize that the house was also haunted by malevolent forces which start to terrorize them.

“The Exorcist”

This movie is adapted by the novel with the same name written by William Peter Blatty. The book is further inspired by the exorcism case of Roland Doe who dealt with the demonic possession of a girl, when her desperate mother wants to bring her back through an exorcism done by two priests. In the movie, Chris, who is a famous actress, comes to stay at Georgetown, Washington DC with her teenage daughter, Regan. While playing the Ouija board, Regan gets possessed by a spirit and starts to act strange. The mother gets concerned, so she takes her to various doctors but none of them were able to help. So finally, she seeks help of two priests who agree to conduct an exorcism on Regan.

“Wolf Creek”

This Australian horror film is based on the story of a serial killer Ivan Milat, who killed seven backpackers who went to visit Australia. It was in the 1990s when the backpackers’, which included three Germans, two British and two Australians from Melbourne, bodies were found half buried in the Belanglo State Forest. The movie got mixed reviews. In spite of it, it was nominated for seven Australian Film Institute awards and was included in the Slant Magazine as 100 best films of the decade.

There you have it for the five horror movies based on a true story. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) for more interesting lists.

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