Five Questions The Thor: Ragnarok Failed To Answer

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Five Questions The Thor: Ragnarok Failed To Answer
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If there is anything all of us can agree on after seeing the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, it’s that Marvel just never ceases to amaze us. While the preview was brimming with action, humor, and all the Asgardian mumbo-jumbo, it just created more questions than it answered.

After leaving Cap and Tony Stark to “Iron” things out, pun intended, in Captain America: Civil War we finally get to see what Thor is up to. Judging from the trailer, the prince of Asgard has been quite busy, you know preventing his vision from becoming reality.

Director Taika Waititi clearly outdid himself this time in what is arguably the coolest MCU movie to date. That or setting a film in Asgard sure as hell beats sitting in New York, or Sokovia, or anywhere on Earth. The point is it’s ultra-cool.

Anyway, like most trailers, it barely gives anything away. However, Thor: Ragnarok goes the extra mile and adds, even more, questions into the mix. So if you’re still wondering why Heimdall was talking to Thor about their demise like crack-addict undergoing withdrawal, CinemaBlend has more questions for you to ponder on.

Thor: Ragnarok

Where Is Odin?

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room: Where is Thor’s father? Last we saw him he was dethroned by Loki at the conclusion of The Dark World.

It seems weird that the most powerful god on Asgard disappears when his realm is threatened. He’s not certainly one to forgo responsibility just because “he’s not the king anymore.”

What is Doctor Strange’s Role in the Film?

The most recent addition to the MCU, Stephen Strange appearing in Thor: Ragnarok has been known for quite some time. As to why well that still needs to some figuring out.

While certainly, Strange’s powers will come in handy in the battles to come but what is his motivation for joining? Is Asgard somehow connected to his realm or is he just in it to save the world?

Is Mjolnir Really Gone?

Hela revealed just how powerful she is when she smashed Mjolnir to pieces. It’s already one thing to effectively wield the magical hammer, destroying it even more so.

With Mjolnir gone does this mean Thor’s power is greatly diminished? Is there another Mjolnir lying around Asgard? Does Thor need to do some King Arthur like the ritual to restore his prized hammer? The suspense is definitely there.

What on Earth (or Asgard) Happened To Heimdall?

Last we saw Heimdall, he was confronting Thor in the vision brought forth by Scarlett Witch. This time the all-seeing, all-hearing sentry of Bifrost Bridge looked more like a mountain man rather than a powerful warrior.

It could be possible that Idris Elba’s character found himself flung to one of the Nine Realms like Thor. As to which realm well, it seems we’ll find out in the movie.

Thor: Ragnarok

Where art thou Lady Sif and the Warriors Three?

Other missing persons are Lady Sif and the Warriors Three joining their lord Odin by being nowhere to be seen. Like the one-eyed God, they have played major roles throughout the franchise.

Were they killed in Hela’s assault on Asgard? Are they off somewhere seeking help? Whatever the case, it seems out of place that these characters suddenly vanish after being central to the majority of the plots in the franchise.

There are more questions that need answers from the Thor: Ragnarok trailer. While we might get some clarity with the next trailers, one thing is for sure. The film is one of Marvel’s finest and will probably join Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Civil War, and Avengers in the Pantheon of the best films in the MCU.

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