Five Quick Dos to Turn a Bad Day Around

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
Five Quick Dos to Turn a Bad Day Around
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All of us have gloomy days, when nothing seems to go right. Everything just goes crazy, and there seems to be no logical conclusion to any of the occurrences. Days when you just want to scream your lungs out or simply just disappear. Whether it is your boss or your classmate, your lover or friend, a family member or a pet, the traffic, the weather or anything else, make sure that you stay calm. Below are simple things that will help uplift your spirits to handle things better.

  1. Close your eyes and deep breath – Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and call it quits. Forget everything that is going on and just lose yourself. Count from one to fifty or even a hundred. It is a proven fact that once you count, your mind tends to wander away from immediate thoughts that are worrying you. In fact, this deep-breathing tactic is used for Yoga and meditation. When you take a deep breath, it relaxes your muscles and helps you ease yourself and ultimately calms you down.
  2. Grab your favorite chocolate – When you have a gloomy day, make sure you eat all the food you love, especially chocolates as these are great stress relievers. Moreover, chocolate contains ingredients like caffeine and sugar that boosts one’s endorphin and serotonin levels.  If not chocolate, just grab and eat something you love, and it will help your mind to relax.
  3. Listen to some happy music – When you are feeling gloomy and down, make sure you have a player to listen to your favorite playful foot-tapping numbers that will help set your spirits free, making you feel light.  Taylor Swift is right when she says you have to “shake it off.”
  4. Turn to nature – Anything natural is always welcome anyway, but when a person is going through a bad phase, nature can work wonders. Nature can take away one’s sorrows, worries or anxieties by immersing one’s soul in all the wonders it has to offer. When was the last time you marveled at the beauty of the snow-capped mountains and looked at the blue skies? When was the last time you admired the starry night sky? One can actually feel one’s heart rate slowing down when looking at the nature’s vastness, and that’s when your worries and anxiety will all look small in nature’s magnanimity.
  5. Watch  funny videos – When nothing seems quite right and you are just grumpy and complaining to yourself, everything is dark and murky around you, watch a funny video and burst into laughter.

There you have it for the five quick dos to turn a bad day around. For more interesting features, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Andre Karwath


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