Five Scary Facts About Some Horror Movies

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Five Scary Facts About Some Horror Movies
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Horror movies are created to scare people, and behind the scary scenes are scary truths too.  However, although it is not scientifically proven that some untoward incidents are related to the movies, many believe that the movies themselves have triggered something else. We have summed up five scary facts about some of the famous horror films that really got into the viewers.


The movie “Poltergeist” was released in 1982. It was a story about the Freeling family who move into their new home, in the suburbs of California. In the movie, the youngest daughter, Carol Ann, was haunted by the supernatural power. After the movie’s release, deaths followed, and some began to call it as the “Poltergeist” curse. Dominique Dunne, who played the role of the eldest daughter in the film, was choked to death by her ex-boyfriend. Then Heather O’Rourke, who portrayed Carol Ann, was diagnosed with a disease called Crohn’s disease. She was only 12 years old when she died of septic shock. Later, Julian Beck, who was diagnosed with cancer, died when he was 60 years old, followed by Will Sampson, 53, who died because of kidney failure. Lou Perryman, who played Pugsley, was murdered by a complete stranger for no reason.

“The Omen”

Gregory Peck, who was the star of the movie, is the most unfortunate one. As he died of a plane crash that was hit by lightning, his son committed suicide before the filming of the movie starts. David Seltzer, the screenwriter, also died in plane crash, which was struck by lightning. Richard Donner, the director, was killed by a bomb explosion at the hotel he was staying. John Richardson, the special effects artist, was injured in an accident on the set of a movie, while his girlfriend was beheaded. Rumor has it that Richardson saw a road sign: Omen, 66.6 km, while he crawled his way out from the collision. It was  also believed that numerous other members of the crew were involved in a car crash.

“The Exorcist”

Mercedes McCambridge voiced the demon Pazuzu, who possessed the girl in the movie. A decade after the movie’s release, McCambridge faced the horrors every day. Her son Markle killed his wife and two daughters and then committed suicide on a Halloween. He worked as a futures trader and was accused of fraud. He had mentioned his mother’s name in his 13-page suicide letter. It was a great shock to McCambridge. She spent months in seclusion, and when people offered condolences, she wrote a note to them saying, “About what happened. . . that’s all there is to say. . . it happened. A Greek tragedy. . . a cast of four beautiful people. The play closed. Thank you for caring,” as mentioned in “Mercedes McCambridge: A Biography and Career Record” by Ron Lackman

“The Shinning”

“The Shinning” was based on a novel by Stephen King when he stayed at the hotel Stanley in Estes Park, Colorado. This hotel was believed to be haunted, and King stayed the night before the hotel closes for winter. At night, it did give him a scary feeling. The hotel offers ghost tours, and it has a television channel that keeps playing the movie “The Shinning” all day long. The hotel Stanley also had a pet cemetery at its grounds, which was later removed and renovated to a wedding pavilion. This inspired King to write yet another novel named the Pet Sematary,” which was also adapted into a movie.


Victor Salva, who was the director of “Jeepers Creepers,” it was actually horrifying than the movies he made. One of his unforgettable movies was “Clownhouse.” Later, it was found that he had filmed himself having oral sex with the 12-year-old, Nathan Forrest Winters, who acted in the movie. Salva was sentenced for three years prison, but he was released in 15 months.

There you have it for the five scary facts about some horror movies. For more entertainment features, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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