Five-Year-Old Boy Fined for Missing Birthday Part… Wait, What?

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Five-Year-Old Boy Fined for Missing Birthday Part… Wait, What?
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Fir0002 | Birthday cake, 20 July 2005.

In a sudden turn of events, a five-year-old boy is currently facing a fine for “not showing up” for his friend’s birthday party. What a weird world we live in!

British news reports today are going crazy over the news of a five-year-old boy receiving a “no show” fine for missing his friend’s birthday party in December. With this fine, his parents are being expected to pay for the fee, which cost around $24.

Derek Nash, the father of the five-year-old boy, said that his partner found the invoice for $24 tucked in their son’s (Alex’s) bookbag after school. The invoice was named as a “Party No Show” and included full official details including the bank account details of the person who sent it.

Turns out that Alex was invited to attend his friend’s birthday party at the Plymouth Ski Slope and Snowboard Centre back in December. When his parents realized that they had already made earlier plans to spend the day with the child’s grandparents, they decided to prioritize the latter and not attend the birthday. This led Alex to spend the entire day with his family.

Since Alex’s parents did not have any contact information on the mother of the birthday boy, Julie Lawrence, they were unable to inform her of their change of plans. Lawrence, for her part, argues that the details were all written on the party invite. She shares that they (Nash) had every information they needed in order to get in touch with the celebrant’s parents.

If Alex’s parents do not pay, Lawrence has threatened them that they will all be headed for small-claims court. According to Nash, Lawrence will not be getting a penny from him.

The reason as to why Nash is so angry about the situation is that Lawrence made the wrong move on how to get a refund for the money spent on their child. For Nash, he understands that Lawrence got upset for the wasted money. However, he believes that while money isn’t the issue, it was how Lawrence handled the situation that caused such a result.

If you were in Nash’s shoes, would you pay the fine?

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Fir0002

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